Are You Ready to Go Bottle-Free?

Go Green

Bottle-Free Water eliminates the plastic bottles and diesel trucks that pollute our environment.  Recent studies show that chemicals from plastic bottles can leach into the drinking water.  For more information, check out our Related Links or Contact Us today.

Save Money

How much are you spending each month on bottled water?  If you use 4-5 bottles per month, our experience tells us you're spending around $50 per month.  If your organization supplies more than 15 employees with water, you're likely spending more than $100 per month!  We provide unlimited filtered water for a fixed monthly fee. Contact us today and start saving money tomorrow!

Make Life Easy

Bottles are a hassle to receive, store, change, and lift.  The average water bottle weighs 42 lbs!   Why risk employee back injuries?  Free up that wasted storage space, and stop worrying about running out of water before your next delivery.

Enjoy Pure, Great-Tasting Water

Our state-of-the-art filtration system guarantees pure, great-tasting water all day, every day.  Our water is fresh from the filter to the cup.  Bottle-Free water never sits in a hot warehouse, delivery truck, or dusty closet waiting to be used.  Click to learn more about filtration or Contact Us today.


Go Green!


Go Green!



Bottle-free water eliminates heavy bottles and provides pure, great-tasting water!

Bottle-Free Water

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